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Easy business planning tools

These simple business planning tools can be used to flesh out ideas and to present them to others. This is a very brief sample of some tools which can be used to begin the process of change.

On this page you will find an assortment of easy-to-use business planning tools that can be used to bring ideas to life.

What is your idea?

We believe that these tools can be used to help clarify your idea and intended outcomes, as well as identify what you need to make the idea happen.

SWOT analysis

This SWOT analysis can be used to explore the internal and external factors that might influence your success.

Action Plan

This is an action planning tool that you can use to refine your ideas and make an action plan with other people. This tool has space to identify key partners as well as think about possible challenges. We hope that this would be used in a group setting to identify what first steps must be taken and by whom in order to make progress.

Service Story

This is a simple tool that we’ve used to help you think about what impact your idea could have on a person’s journey. We ask people to think about real people they know to focus their ideas on the person, rather than the process.


We also believe that the first step of planning for the future is involving the people who access support. A good overview of engagement with older people is available here. You can also read our Five lessons on bringing people together.

These tools were either developed by the Creative Care & Support: Pitlochry project or adapted from Alan Chapman (2008).