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A manager’s experience of the care home lab

This is the speech delivered by Wilma Campbell, the manager of Peacock care home, at the Scottish Care Care in Transition Conference November 2014. Wilma reflects on her experience as part of the care home lab as well as the wider challenges of supporting outcomes in a care home setting.

You may wonder why I have started with a picture of an elephant. For me the analogy “You can’t eat an elephant in one bite, it takes many small bites...

Enhancing relationships in care at home using Caring Conversations

This is the story of a small care at home provider testing the impact of using Caring Conversations to enhance relationships. Caring Conversations is an approach which supports staff, people using the service and their families to relate to each other in more meaningful ways. 

In 2014, the Iriss and Scottish Care Fit for the Future project linked with the University of the West of Scotland to explore the application of...

Outcomes in care homes

These cards show a series of snapshots of what life in an outcomes-focused care home might look like. You might use this resource as an inspiration for what could be, as a challenge for what should be, or as a resource to help start the process of change in your care home.

These examples have come from evidence from the Fit for the Future project and have drawn inspiration from pilots and projects across Scotland and...

The care home lab

This is the story of how a care home in West Lothian chose to explore outcomes-focussed working in an innovative way. This case study explores the role of experience labs in helping social services test out new ideas and ways of working in a safe, supportive environment. We will be sharing some of the challenges and benefits of working in this way. For more information on how we engaged with residents please see this accompanying resource.

Hosting a lab in a care home would not have been possible without the dedication, openness and experience of each person involved. Thank you for...

Engaging with residents in the care home lab: stories, challenges and Talking Mats™

This reflection accompanies ‘The care home lab: a case study’ and explores the role of residents in the care home lab and the use of Talking Mats to facilitate engagement. On reflection, the experience lab process set unrealistic expectations on a group of residents, some of whom were living with dementia, and didn’t allow for them to be included in a meaningful way. We hope that this case study serves as an example of how co-production is not a ‘one size fits all’ process.

Social Service Labs and Co-Design Social Service lab methodology relies on a co-design process that actively involves people who access support . In...

Reablement in a care home setting: Jim’s story

This resource accompanies "The journey to intermediate care in a care home". This is the story of how Jim's move to a care home turned his life around. We hope to share some learning about the role of residential care in reablement, and explore how staff culture in care homes can be key to supporting the outcomes of residents. 

Meet Jim Jim is 72 years old. He has enjoyed a long and successful career managing freight deliveries across Europe which saw him become a seasoned...

Redesigning care at home: Primecare’s story

This is the story of a care at home provider that wanted to work differently. Primecare Health began their journey wanting to become specialised in helping people living with dementia to achieve their outcomes, but learned along the way that it wasn’t just about dementia. This case study explores how co-design can be used to support change and learning, and how care at home providers can make little changes for big impact. 

We would like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to the participants in the project including the members of the co-design group and Alzheimer Scotland for their invaluable contributions.

The beginning Primecare are a care at home provider who at the time of this project delivered care and support to people living at home across West...