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The care home lab

This is the story of how a care home in West Lothian chose to explore outcomes-focussed working in an innovative way. This case study explores the role of experience labs in helping social services test out new ideas and ways of working in a safe, supportive environment. We will be sharing some of the challenges and benefits of working in this way. For more information on how we engaged with residents please see this accompanying resource.

Hosting a lab in a care home would not have been possible without the dedication, openness and experience of each person involved. Thank you for...

Redesigning care at home: Primecare’s story

This is the story of a care at home provider that wanted to work differently. Primecare Health began their journey wanting to become specialised in helping people living with dementia to achieve their outcomes, but learned along the way that it wasn’t just about dementia. This case study explores how co-design can be used to support change and learning, and how care at home providers can make little changes for big impact. 

We would like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to the participants in the project including the members of the co-design group and Alzheimer Scotland for their invaluable contributions.

The beginning Primecare are a care at home provider who at the time of this project delivered care and support to people living at home across West...